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We were initially established as Clarifix Ltd. in 2003 as a systems consulting business with a focus on Healthcare services in informatics, cloud computing, data science and applications. Our recent rebranding as Social-i represents the ongoing fascination and necessity to integrate a life centric approach to complex adaptive systems, with a particular emphasis on bridging the gap between human values and the consequences of actions taken individually and collectively. We offer analysis, consulting, mentoring, and developmental applications – both online and in person – for all forms of cultural and structural change initiatives, especially when social impact is of high value.

We bring socially networked approach centered on personal and organisational effectiveness, development and transformation in the creation of healthy and sustainable societies.

Founding Team

Dr. Hamza Zeytinoglu, MD: Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hamza has been involved in monitoring and delivering competence in change initiatives in social and informatics systems for over 25 years. Initially starting out in the policy and public health domain, he contributed to a major revamping of the national Healthcare system in Turkey. As co-director of the Clinical Informatics department at Cambridge Health Alliance (a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital), he designed and implemented Digital Health Services oriented databases reporting systems, and other applications for process improvement and prevention of hospitalization and disabilities. Bringing his experience to the UK, he became a founding partner in Pathway Solutions, which delivered a “National First” cloud-based data validation/ claims management system for NHS-UK General Practitioners.

Hamza’s technical expertise in complex adaptive systems is nicely complemented by a personal passion for social issues addressed structurally. As a researcher with a bias towards evidence based applications that create real change, he participated in EU funded research and innovation projects such as SIMPOL, DOLFINS, and Open Maker. Here, his Social Intelligence Networks™ conceptual framework, developed together with Prof. Dr. Stefano Battiston and other consortium partners were applied in the following domains: sustainable and social finance, climate policy and social organization towards Industry 4.0. Some of his other researcher posts were as a Research Fellow, at the London Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Senior Advisor at Bogazici University’s Computer Engineering department. 

In recent years, he has developed an interest in Developmental and Applied Positive Psychology, as well as bringing insights from these domains into designing online architectures geared towards integral individual and collective actions. He has been interested in values-oriented research and applications to individual and collective systems based on the works of Shalom Schwartz & Clare W Graves. And holds certifications in Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

A well rounded generalist with a global life, Hamza has been an avid tango dancer and teacher for over 25 years. When he is not talking about Social Intelligence Networks, which he often is, he enjoys playing the saxophone and bouzouki, as well as singing and acting.


Prof. Dr. Stefano Battiston: Scientific Advisor

Stefano Battiston is SNF Professor of Banking at the University of Zurich. He is a leading scholar in the field of network models of systemic risk and sustainable finance. He has made advances in the scientific understanding of the relation between financial interconnectedness, complexity and risk. He has also directed a new and growing stream of research on climate-related financial risk.

He has co-authored 50+ publications including on top journals such as PNAS, Nature Communications, Nature Climate Change and Management Science. His scientific background in complex systems, combined with 15 years of research in economics and finance, put him in a unique position to understand policy issues both from a quantitative and holistic perspective.

He has also been coordinating several EU and Swiss projects on finance and sustainability. In particular, between 2014 and 2018 he has been the coordinator of the EU Future Emerging Technologies projects SIMPOL and DOLFINS investigating how to improve financial stability and how to better channel finance towards sustainability in a networked economy.


Leo Halepli: Managing Partner

Leo has had an unlikely and varied career. Growing up in an international crafts based family business in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, he was exposed to the value of design and a no-nonsense approach to trade and business. Graduating proudly with Distinction from an MSc program at London School of Economics, he pursued PhD level research, organised NGOs, and participated in the public dialogue on Political Economy, with a focus on European economics, public policy, and business. He was a researcher in the Anglo German Foundation’s project, Developing Sustainable Growth in Europe. 

An avid enthusiast of complex adaptive systems, he became particularly interested in the application of change and transformational methodologies to human systems. Since 2011, he has been associated with Applied Behavioral Technologies and the JS Riggio Institute in Princeton, NJ. Working very closely with the founder, he has undertaken over 2000 hours of training, development, and supervised application of communication, leadership, and transformational technologies. 

Leo’s passion is in shifting human systems towards taking sustainable and integral action. He brings significant expertise in developmental methodologies and organisational development, integrated nicely with a holistic approach balancing system dynamics and societal trends.


Batuhan Çimen: Chief Technical Officer

Having been involved in programming since the age of 10, Batuhan defines himself as a tech-savy nerd. He dropped-off college, and engaged in the world of entrepreneurship with a few close friends. Their first project aimed to solve the global hunger epidemic. They coded a fully automated system to manage a grow lighting system developed in Japan, which provides significant gains in indoor food production. They were able to produce a special crop native to Africa, “in their basement.” The same team, then, joins a competition at Istanbul Technical University by developing a project on cloud game servers. Batuhan, later moves to Berlin, where he gains experience in European work standards and Industry. Just as he is considering what to do with the experience gained from years of managing coder and gamer groups, he meets Hamza on a chance encounter on a plane. Trust forms quickly and they start to work together in transforming Hamza’s expertise and academic involvement into viable products. Today he continues his duties as Head of Engineering for Social-i. Aside from being a hard core gamer, he is also an accomplished electro guitar player with many concerts under his belt.



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