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The Social-i ValueMatch™ mission is to offer support to professionals by means of practical instruments to help create work environments in which employees will thrive. This increases job satisfaction and the effectiveness of an organization. As a result, organizations are better equipped to make a greater contribution to society in general. The core of our approach is that it takes the development of personal values as the starting principle when searching for the most suitable work environment. This is a dynamic process, meaning that work that was once inspiring may at some point become tedious. Understanding the way values develop is key to this process of exploration.



Together with our core team and solution partners we act as solution partners to our clients. Our approach is that we quickly move beyond what is called “people problems” to “people solutions” – it is almost always the case that people are not the problem, but how they are positioned in the workplace and how the system they operate in is set, may need rethinking…


We observe, we listen, we evaluate, we diagnose – and based on the findings we introduce a development plan that we operationalize together with our Good Experts and we monitor.

Some key projects we worked on addressed key issues such as:

How to…

inform, equip and mobilize strong teams of experts for agile response under severe stress conditions (disaster, emergencies, pandemics)?

operationalize guidelines and strategic plans, monitor periodically and adapt based on evidence?

envision resilient and sustainable futures based on the common culture, values and vision of our organizations?

manage the handover of leadership from founders to a new generation of professional executives?

select and position new employees based on matching their values and culture within the organization?

increase pandemic/ post-pandemic workplace cohesion through remote but purposeful interactions?

boost co-creation and collaboration through increasing familiarity and trust?

become institutional, introduce effective governance and professionalism – leaving the past dysfunctional ways behind and focus on the desirable futures?

move on from the family business / start-up mode towards a culture and structure of our organization that is adaptive to the adaptive business models of the time?

“You can’t get there from here,
if you don’t know where here is. Know yourself first!”

Building a network of Valuematch™ certified practitioners in our region:

Our know-how and assessment tools provide  us with a framework and a common semiotics of where the individual/ organisation’s culture is at the moment. What is working, what needs to be changed, with what urgency, and a path to get there. Just as in healthcare, we go by a “test & analysis – differential diagnosis – treatment plan” sequence in  iteration. Our services rely on objectively and globally tested technologies that have been honed over the past few decades in providing an accurate map, both for the user and for the guide.

Such insight, we have found, strengthens alliances, provides a common language to manage what’s needed and hastens the change process.

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