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Machine learning, Data Mining, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning … have already become household concepts among the well read.

Here at Social-i we’ve been dealing with “Big Data” for 20+ years. Whether through our founder, Dr. Hamza Zeytinoglu’s pioneering efforts in health informatics at Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health Alliance in the early days, and his later efforts in creating efficiency and effectiveness with pioneering cloud-computing applications for the NHS in the UK with his partners at Pathway Solutions, or in examining multiplier effects in financial markets interpersonal relations in the boards of global fortune-50 banking conglomerates with Stefano Battiston, PhD … Big Data has been our “business” for a while. So it’s fair to say, without touting our horn, that we have some expertise.

Currently, the “DNA,” the very core of the Social-i is to empower effective collective social action, through personal discovery and enactment. We believe in the age old adage of the Delphi oracle: “Know Thyself!” and from there, be true to thyself by enacting what you believe to be true. When such self-knowledge is matched by realistic understandings of the world, one can act effectively. And when one is able to mobilize with and together, the power of numbers and the group become manifest. Social-i endeavours to provide just such tools to the individuals, groups and organisations it serves.

Memescapes: Value-meme Analytics

At Social-i we developapplications to determine which universal values authors narrate from in any given text and context. We scan thousands of articles in key topics and visually map the the value preferences of any given new source or author on a daily basis. Comparing various news sources from different countries, mapping them to events and applying NLP (Natural Language Processing) driven sentiment,emotions and stance analysis and more, opens up a brand new venue for better understanding of the MemeScapes we follow and interact in as our individual and organisational ecology. Find answers to questions like:

  • What are the preferred values systems of authors and news sources?
  • How do these evolve over time and in response to events?
  • How does it all change based on context or eventualities?
  • Which psychosocial profile of authors are more interested with my issues/ brand/ organization/ country?
  • How do their writings represent issues, and how are they received by readership with a given worldview?


Examples of Value Maps of given articles according to the Schwartz value scale:

News & Social Media Monitoring

In this digital age, many people point out that we are flooding in information even as we hunger for wisdom. Have you not had enough being stuck between manually tracking news sources, scrolling social media, and distrusting what the key players offer you? How would it be if you had an individualized service hand pick and deliver news just the way you like it, configured and entirely controlled by you? And what if it could assist you in coming to the awareness of   why you responded the way you did to what you responded to?

We give the power back to the end user to decide what matters most to them, all the while following their guidelines to recommend news, events, topics, and people. 

Example of Preferred Personal Values & News Recommendations:

In these complex and ‘fake news’ times, how do we know how to judge different new sources anyway? What to pay attention to? Whether it is an author, who has values like your own, or someone you fundamentally disagree with? How about charting the emphasis in a given politician’s remark on a subject that is of interest to you. If there was a tool that could map this out over time, and across geography, regardless of the number of texts concerned, how would your friends and allies react to your arguments. See our demo below…

CASE: Digital News Values Assessments

Profile Analytics

Whether you are a sole proprietor, an internet marketer/entrepreneur, a communications director … or in any other role where you have a message that needs to meet with it’s community … a couple things are likely to be true. You want a significant positive change to become manifest for your constituents. In order to achieve that, you will want to know as much about your ‘people,’ ‘tribe,’ or ‘market’ as possible. What do they read? But, more importantly, why do they pay attention to what they pay attention to? Who are “you”, and who are “they”? Such are key questions in the formation of a “we.” Be it a group of individuals, or a community. 

Social-i Profile Analytics has been designed with just such goals of social impact. We believe in the value of “understanding” oneself, one’s ecology, and the broader contexts they reside in. More importantly, we are able to measure, value, and map the impact of each message as it is received by the intended parties. Smooth communication, based in trust and overlapping values, leads to strong relationships … across people, between brands and people, and ultimately in the formation of a group of allies. 

Maybe you have questions such as;

  • What is the sustainability of our efforts?
  • Who benefits?
  • How many people benefit or are interested?
  • How do they benefit?
  • How do I reach and mobilize the silent majority?

If these are your motivations, we, at Social-i, can help.

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Social Impact & Sustainability Analysis

Organisations today are more and more aware that they are not individual (corporate) standalone entities in an environment. Rather, they are in constant and unending communication and interaction in a web of interdependent networks that comprise and include the constituents and stakeholders they serve. In the age of viral social media, a misunderstood message can wreak havoc on years of branding and service. Whereas appreciated, deep relationships, as is amongst friends and allies, need continual monitoring and attending to. Who are the people who will most benefit from what I can and have to offer? Where in cyber and real space are they located? What is my customer/stakeholder paying attention to? What is it they could benefit from me/ us right now? How would they most prefer being reached? 

  • We boost the effectiveness of organizational / corporate communications activities by offering at the same time a birds eye view and in-depth insight on the ecology of the brands and missions within the organizations ecology and its global reach.

  • Human resources management takes a leap as we apply the psychosocial profiles with the Spiral Dynamics Integral approach that allows for the proper selection for the task and proper positioning for employees. This unique approach reveals the underlying dynamics of each individual and groups/ departments as to their values systems and how they reflect on the culture and structure of organizations.

  • For Impact and Sustainability analysis we implement our proprietary ”Needs to Outcomes” model developed by our founder Dr. Hamza Zeytinoglu which is now deployed for a COVID-19 response project for a global NGO. Our approach is coupled with our iDNA (integral Development Needs Assessment) approach and Social-ROI (Return on Investment) studies. Based on our core mission we choose to tie our efforts to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

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