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Democratizing AI

AI for social good!

Artificial Intelligence is there to unburden humanity from its load. This is welcome as long as it doesn’t threaten the freedom, well-being and dignity of each and every citizen on earth. The “positive” promise of AI should be recognized and cherished, but the system needs to be controlled by evidence based social intelligence and through what we call in Social-i: Intersectional Direct Democracy. As the name entails, IDD secures full and direct participation in decision making while leaving no one behind because of their race, beliefs, gender orientation, age, or socio-economic status.

This system is enhanced through online social platforms that secure open participation, and collective decision making. Innovations that democratize AI are only possible by avoiding monopolies and providing direct access for civil society. When uncontrolled, AI applications are potentially worse than the threat of fake news, disinformation and manipulation: A blackbox, generating unaccountable and non-transparent outputs!

Artificial Intelligence should be controlled by Social Intelligence. Here, “Social” means prioritizing the actual global community of humans with an eye on sustainability and well-being for all life on earth.

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