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Health Progress

Sustainable healthcare for all!

We support the Health SDGs of the UN and the WHO Programmes to promote public and digital health.

We have vast experience in systems redesign, reforms and change management in healthcare services augmented by digital health and data science applications. We prioritize impactful health solutions in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) where the need is highest.

We provide services in three core areas:

Medical Services Consultancy

Digital Health Applications


  • Medical Professionals
  • Organizations
  • Citizens

Our approach promotes:

  • Securing a high social impact from public private partnerships (PPP)
  • Quality emergency medical systems (EMS) and management of pandemics and disaster relief
  • Frugal solutions to mitigate the high socio-economic burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
  • Self-management, and continuous training of patients and care-takers
  • Building Healing Networks for integrated health led together by healthcare workers and communities.
  • AI Assisted Digital Health / mobile applications and online platforms
  • Registries and evidence bases
  • Training and information interfaces
  • Dashboards for real-time monitoring and interventions

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