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Media Intelligence

Beware of the post-truth era!


We are driven by our values and our values are influenced by what we hear, read, see and feel. Today media is our gateway to instant information, but when we get information too easily we may be open to manipulation by those who offer it. What drives the influencers, politicians, thought leaders and news sources around us? Do they have an agenda? Are they driven by public good, universal values, ethics and sustainability mind-sets for the ecology we live in?
We use advanced approaches to identify which worldviews and value systems the discourses originate from, which ‘memes’ (cultural transmission unit, transferable idea or symbol) and concepts spread, and whether they lead to any action. Our aim is to bring a deeper understanding to which discourses affect how behavior and thought changes, with semantic analysis and especially socio-cultural profiling based on human value systems using state-of-the-art methodologies in data science, with machine learning and artificial intelligence applications on Twitter and digital news data An evidence-based / ethical framework is observed on the basis of social benefit, with contributions from field experts.


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