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Social Impact

Initiate your community!

We are in co-evolution with our environment. When the ecology changes we change, and when we change we should aim for an impact on the environment in return, that makes life more adaptive to the best expressions of our updated values. There is a science to it and the focus for organizations is changing from profitability towards social impact in order to heal and improve communities. In Social-i we design our approaches based on mindfulness of human values, evidence based information, creative ideas and social innovation, and the ability to act towards desirable outcomes. Our consultancy is based on supporting organizations, brands and leaders and their culture in achieving suitable social impact goals that are aligned with their own goals and within their budgets. We work together at every stage of the social impact journey (ideation, vision and business models, project design, action and communication). We support your impact goals by establishing collaborations and connections that will lead you to this goal. Our model is based on Social-i’s “Needs to Outcomes” framework for Impact Analysis.

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