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Our Key Concepts

Grasp the change!

Change is constant, change has memory, change is evolution.
Grasp the systems dynamics of change and be…
In Social-i our systems change consultancy brings a comprehensive approach based on the Graves model (EN: Focusing on the life systems (cultures) within structures, we help bring about the “social intelligence networks” that will enable adaptation to our ecosystems of now and the future…

Listen to your people!

When we look at the organizations we see people; staff, workers, managers, teams, customers, patients, professionals, consultants, suppliers, bosses and founders. Social-i’s core philosophy is to encourage people to express their best in their values and act accordingly; thus good, right and beautiful is in reach.

This integral state brings together the “I” and “WE” in organisational culture, within its own gestalt, together with its structural expressions. It is here where “meaning” is found in the core of individual and organisational existence.

We look into the organizational cultures and structures and provide the values assessment tools to identify the desired direction of change. We propose a roadmap and necessary mentoring, consultancy, coaching and psychosocial support services through our network of practitioners, all inspired by our philosophy.

Sustainable healthcare for all!

We support the Health SDGs of the UN and the WHO Programmes to promote public and digital health.

We have vast experience in systems redesign, reforms and change management in healthcare services augmented by digital health and data science applications. We prioritize impactful health solutions in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) where the need is highest.

Our approach promotes:
Securing a high social impact from public private partnerships (PPP)
Quality emergency medical systems (EMS) and management of pandemics and disaster relief
Frugal solutions to mitigate the high socio-economic burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
Self-management, and continuous training of patients and care-takers
Building Healing Networks for integrated health led together by healthcare workers and communities.
AI Assisted Digital Health / mobile applications and online platforms
Registries and evidence bases
Training and information interfaces
Dashboards for real-time monitoring and interventions

Initiate your community!

AI for public and social good!

Artificial Intelligence is there to unburden humanity from its load. This is welcome as long as it doesn’t threaten the freedom, well-being and dignity of each and every citizen on earth. The “positive” promise of AI should be recognized and cherished, but the system needs to be controlled by evidence based social intelligence and through what we call in Social-i: Intersectional Direct Democracy. As the name entails, IDD secures full and direct participation in decision making while leaving no one behind because of their race, beliefs, gender orientation, age, or socio-economic status.

This system is enhanced through online social platforms that secure open participation, and collective decision making. Innovations that democratize AI are only possible by avoiding monopolies and providing direct access for civil society. When uncontrolled, AI applications are potentially worse than the threat of fake news, disinformation and manipulation: A blackbox, generating unaccountable and non-transparent outputs!

Artificial Intelligence should be controlled by Social Intelligence. Here, “Social” means prioritizing the actual global community of humans with an eye on sustainability and well-being for all life on earth.

Beware of the post-truth era!

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